Thank you for visiting Scobee Powerline Construction. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us.

Who We Are?

Scobee Powerline Construction LLC was formed in 2005. We currently employ 30 full-time employees. All of our employees are skilled in their field of work and know that we require their best performance while complying with safe work habits and quality work ethics.

We have been involved in numerous projects that required extensive planning and revision before and during construction. We have successfully worked with cooperatives and municipal utilities as well as oilfield/pipeline companies and are proud to say that our references will confirm our professionalism and competence.

Our jobs have included many types of construction. We also have a wide assortment
of track and skidder equipment that we can employ.



  • All-Terrain Track and Skidder Vehicles
  • Bulldozer, Skid Steers, and backhoes
  • Digger Trucks
  • Insulated Bucket Trucks
  • Trenchers
  • Wire Pulling Equipment – Pullers and Tensioners

Scobee Powerline Construction owns and operates specialized equipment to help get the job completed safely and to meet deadlines productively.

Regular maintenance and safety inspections are a priority.

Rent or Lease

Interested in renting or leasing equipment? Call our partner Action Powerline Equipment 816-632-7309